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Here's some of the different small things I have made over many years, truly starting with a chicken trap..

(and you can contact me by mail, if you have a good reason of course)

My littlebrother and I enjoyed the cartoon albums with the caracter Quark, and Quark always wanted a chicken trap.
So for some years my brother and I, when giving the other one a Christmas gift, the receiver would say "..A chicken trap"..
Well. One year I thought that at Christmas he would actually get a chicken trap. So one evening I made him this.. (his photos from Facebook).

Just pull the string and the basket would trap the chicken
I recently made a copy of the "Can of Whup-ass" seen in the cartoon series "Family guy".
(Season 12, episode 1)

Backside is my own design.
No one has tried to open it yet.

Often I am asked to make cards for special occasions.
This one is for my littlebrothers first born daughters 1 year birthday.
Cards given to our parents together with money for a trip.
Made them look almost like real airplane tickets, but... well - read the tekst on them.. One way, and even changed the company logo.

Another Card to our parents intended for a trip to Roskilde at the Slottets Bed & Breakfast.
They (the B&B) did not have a giftcard, so I made it myself out of photos found on the web.

(sorry for the poor photo quality on the last two photos - Taken late at evening).
My invitation for my 40'th birhtday party.
And I am a true fan of Monty Python, and a goofball my self.

I made a small magnet sign (design showed) helping them to remember the party .

Just because I could I made some colorfull magnets for my littlebrothers family fridge
(design showed with black background only for show).
I am also a fan of NFL (Natinal (American) Football League) so I made these magnets for my own fridge.

Designed and made this vinyl for a friends pc casing glas side panel (He is a big Star-Wars fan)
And I have designed a logo (pending approval) for a new Floorball club run by another friend of mine.

Not my designs, but just had to make them - Because I could or something like that...
I liked to have a card in my car, showing whom to call and (if someone borrowed my car) the numberplate if the car had issues.
But Falck (the company I would have to call) do not make such cards, so I made one my self.
I made it thick as a normal card by laminating it with several layers.

Made two small signs for my Lego Apollo Saturn V rocket and Apollo 11 Lunar Lander.

Designed these two T-shirts and made them with vinyl.
First one for my self, and the other one to be sold (last one from the series "Game Of Thrones").

My brother wanted the boardgame Racko from Ravensburger, but they refuse to make that game again despite many people wanting it.
So I tried to make it for him. I had to completely design each card from scratch rather than just copy them, to get the quality good enough for my liking. All 96 of them.
Each sheet of cards was then laminated and each card cut out. I even created a box with a divider inside to hold all the cards in two blocks.
I then had "Vestjysk 3D Print" print the four card-holders for me by my own 3D design, and they were later marked with numbers.
    (Original Ravensburger version on next two photos on the right side)

Another "because I can" - A giant Nutella bucket. here seen with my colleges at work. We're very fond of Nutella.
I had to recreate all text including the logo to have it crisp enough. Only the picture in it was original.
Calculated that it would be approx. 180Kg. Not sure it is correct since Ferrero never wrote back.
And I also designed new nametags and batches for my Aircraft Electrician Workshop coworkers.
They didn't have any identical ones, and  when I started in the workshop I was asked to make them. So I designed them.
Jysk Emblem actually made a damn good job at sewing them, taking into account the direction of the thread.
(Batch contains the ancient God Zeus with lightning bolt and 5 spinning main rotor blades)

Made a simpel vinyl for my colleague who services the aircrafts batteries, and we call him "batman".
Of cause his room with glas filled doors had to have a logo, and this one has a battery, bullet holes and a very surprised facial look.
I also made several T-shirts with vinyl for my colleges. First T-shirt is my own design with our arms batch on the back.
The next three designs is not mine, but I have altered them to my likings.